Food Artisans
~ Examples of Food Artisan products include bread, cookies, cake, tortillas, salsa, jam, bottled juice, canned fruits, and vegetables...

Licenses needed for processed foods being sold at Sunset Farmers Markets

Since 2018, there have been two separate laws that govern the production of food in a residential kitchen: the Cottage Food Statute, and the Home Consumption and Homemade Food Act.  There are several differences between them in terms of limitations on foods and limitations on methods and locations of sale.

The Cottage Food Statute, which has been in effect since 2007, requires a business to register with the Utah Department of Agriculture and Food, just like a commercial business 
would. It allows the production of "non-potentially hazardous foods", also known as "shelf-stable" foods, in a residential kitchen within the operator's home. Any food that requires refrigeration or other temperature control for safety cannot be produced under the Cottage Food Statute. Cottage Foods can be sold anywhere in the state of Utah, either retail or wholesale (through a store), with the exception that restaurants cannot use Cottage Foods as ingredients in their menu. Cottage Foods follow the Federal food labeling regulations, with the addition of the words "Home Produced" on the front label.

Please call Rebecca Nielsen From the Department of Agriculture if you have any questions about how to get your cottage kitchen license. 
Rebecca Nielsen, Program Manager
(801) 538-7152 Phone

The Home Consumption and Homemade Foods 
Act was signed into law in 2018.  This law allows food production in a residence without requiring the operator to be registered with the Utah Department of Agriculture and Food. The range of foods that can be prepared is much wider, only prohibiting products containing meat or raw, unpasteurized dairy products. However, these foods can ONLY be sold directly to the end consumer, and the sale must be conducted in person at a pre-arranged location.  

Overview of Homemade Foods Act 
~ Allows all but a few specific foods to be made in private home kitchens.
~ The food must be packaged and bear warning statements that read, "This product was processed and prepared without state or local inspection," and "Not for resale."
~ The Homemade Food Act vendors will be separated from the licensed farmers market vendors. The homemade food act vendors must display signage indicating to an informed final consumer that the homemade food sold by the vendor has not been certified, licensed, regulated, or inspected by state or local authorities.
~ Sunset Farmers Markets will require all Homemade Foods Act vendors to have a Food Handler's Permit

~ Vendors found in violation of the State of Utah Department of Agriculture or the Utah County Health Department Guidelines, by either the health inspector or Sunset farmers Markets, shall be asked to remove the item(s) in question or relinquish their space and forfeit any fees paid to Sunset Farmers Markets.

Sunset Farmers Markets does not provide canopies, tables or chairs.

Sunset Farmers Markets will provide LED string lighting that will be clipped to the front side of each vendors canopy. 

Springville: Not provided.
Cedar Hills: Not provided.
Orem: Electricity is provided but limited.  
Quiet generators are allowed. 

- $25 Application Fee
- $10 
Daily Booth Fee
Full Season Discount
Participate in all three Sunset Farmers Markets and receive 35% OFF.  
Participate in individual Sunset Farmers Markets and receive 25% OFF.
Vendors who pay for the full season will be guaranteed a reserved booth space!
We appreciate vendors who pay for the full season this allows us to have more money to put towards marketing, entertainment and more. Thank you!
Apply for a cottage kitchen license.
 Homemade Food Act 
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